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Our goal is to empower youth to make healthy food choices that will positively impact their long-term health. Knowledge of where food comes from, how crops are grown, why farmers choose to farm and what’s in season, is a powerful tool for teaching good nutrition. What better way to learn than to visit the farm where it was produced and the farmers market where produce is directly sold? Through AIM’s programs, participants see, taste, and learn about their food first-hand.

AIM offers three farm-based education programs:

In the Classroom

AIM STAFF WILL VISIT YOUR CLASSROOM and provide a wonderful opportunity for youth to learn and connect with their food. Hands-on interactive discussions challenge school groups of all ages and size to think and care about where their food comes from. We cover topics such as how food is grown, seasonality, carbon footprints and the difference between shopping at a farmers market and a food store.

Operating Hours:



Kindergarten - College



In the Classroom Application

At the Market

TOUR ONE OF AIM’S EIGHT FARMERS MARKETS and meet the farmers, local artisans, bakers and food purveyors. AIM’s guided tour with Mr. Green Jeans, makes for a perfect field trip experience. Students will use their senses as they taste what’s in season. We believe that a day at the farmers market will get everyone excited about making healthy food choices by building a sense of connection to the people who grow our food.

*Minimum # of attendees needed is 10.

*Tour starts from time market opens to 1 hour before market closes. Average tour length is 1-1.5 hrs.

Operating Hours:

Year-Round | (8am-2pm)


Pre-K through Seniors



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On the Farm

DISCOVER FARM LIFE AND TOUR A LOCAL FARM in the Bay Area. The tours are designed to raise awareness about rural living and to give children and young adults an inside look at what life is really like on the farm. Students tour fields in different growing stages, learn about soil microbes, conduct pond or creek studies, feed sheep, visit baby calves, and explore the natural environment around these organic farms. Through hands-on activities they make connections between the environment, agriculture, and the food they eat.

See farm locations and descriptions here

Operating Hours:

March - Nov | 10am - 1pm


K - 12 Grade, Young Adults


$15 per student

Scholarships are also available, please contact Mimi for more information. AIM offers a fee scale based on ability to pay and have scholarships available for schools or community groups serving low-income youth. AIM is dedicated to empowering youth to become active participants in their food system, so please feel free to contact us for more information about scholarships.

On the Farm Application


AIM is looking for local food enthusiasts interested in volunteering at one of our Farm-Based Education Program