Zuckerman's Farm

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178 West Adams St, Stockton, California , 95204
178 West Adams St, Stockton, California , 95204 Stockton California 95204 US
Stonestown | Thursday San Rafael | Sunday San Rafael | Grandlake/Oakland
Type of food/product

Asparagus, Melons, Potatoes


Roscoe Zuckerman is third generation farming and has 50 full-time and 250 seasonal employees. The Zuckermans’ farm is located on an Ôisland’ in the delta formed by the San Joaquin and Sacramento rivers flowing toward the bay. The water is held at bay by levees that surround the farmland. The Zuckermans once had upwards of 15,000 acres in the area, and have survived many floods. All members of the Zuckerman family have been part of the farm in one way or another. Organic practices. Use Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Use some commercial fertilizer. Organic pesticides. To control weeds they also use some mechanical cultivation and some commercial herbicides. They spray once at the beginning of the season, and not continually. They only cultivate for the 4 month season.