Spring Hill Jersey Cheese

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621 Western Ave, Petaluma, California , 94952
621 Western Ave, Petaluma, California , 94952 Petaluma California 94952 US
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Artisanal Cheeses


Spring Hill Jersey Cheese is a certified organic, handcrafted, artisan estate cheese. The homestead cheeseÊis madeÊfrom the milk of owner Larry Peter’s herd of pasture-grazed Jersey cows on the Spring Hill Dairy just west of Petaluma in Sonoma County. Founded in 1913, the “Creamery” has been an integral part of the farming tradition in the Sonoma County. Larry Peter’s purchase of the Petaluma Creamery provides a facility for other local dairies to process their milk in value added products. Over the years, Spring Hill has developed a broad line of cheeses including: Quark, Butter, and a range of Cheddars and Jacks, which are offered (in addition to their traditional forms) in a variety of natural herb and spice flavors including garlic, pesto, and sage. Spring Hill also produces a number of specialty cheeses including: Cheese Curds, squeaky and fresh, and Dry Jack, rich in flavor and aged for a harder texture.