SeedOSphere Flower Seed Balls

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201 Ursuline Rd., Santa Rosa, California , 95403
201 Ursuline Rd., Santa Rosa, California , 95403 Santa Rosa California 95403 US

Seed-O-Sphere is a small artisan business that makes and sells wildflower seed ball products. Owned by an experienced naturalist, we really care about sustainable gardening and responsible stewardship! Seed-O-Sphere wildflower seed balls are a simple, fun and toil free way to create gorgeous ever-changing tapestries of color and form in your garden, neighborhood and community. And just about anybody of any age can sow them and grow them with ease! Each handcrafted wildflower seed ball is loaded with about 100 carefully sourced GMO-free seeds; they are made using traditional Southwest Native American methods. Every effort has been made to create a top to bottom environmentally friendly organic product including wildflower seed balls, recyclable cardboard canister and shipping materials. Please enjoy exploring the Seed-O-Sphere website to learn more about the history and use of wildflower seed balls.