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PO Box 955, Pollock Pines, California , 95726
PO Box 955, Pollock Pines, California , 95726 Pollock Pines California 95726 US
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Pottery Vases And Tableware


While in graduate school at CSU Sacramento in 1984, studying sculpture, ceramic technology, and art history, I decided to become a potter. I wanted to pursue an art which I could approach as a business, in which I could apply for a job. Having never thrown a pot, I then worked 11 years as a production potter in 3 factories in Sacramento from 1986 to 1997.
With sufficient on-the-job training, I started this business in 1997. The first couple of years I sold my work at craft fairs, but I had better luck as a San Francisco Street Artist. I stopped losing money when I joined AIM in 1999, then known as “The Marin County Farmers’ Market Association”.
I soon became a member of several Farmers’ Market associations. I find that I can build relationships with customers at events where I can participate monthly, and where I can deliver special orders in person. There seem to be a higher percentage of pottery enthusiasts among farmers’ market patrons than among the general population.
I have been developing clay bodies and glaze recipes for my high fire, wheel thrown porcelain since 1984, and very intensively since 1997. I use only sacks of pulverized minerals, tanks of propane, ingenuity, and hard work in making my pottery. I hope someday to hire an assistant.