Saint Benoit Creamery

Saint Benoit Creamery2017-03-22T09:13:21-08:00
490 Lake Park Ave., Oakland, California , 94610
490 Lake Park Ave., Oakland, California , 94610 Oakland California 94610 US
Sunday San Rafael | Grandlake/Oakland
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French-Style Organic Yogrut


When sibling duo started their company back in 2004, they were on a mission to: Òcreate healthy, ‘terroir’, gourmet products from the San Francisco Bay Area in order to satisfy consumersÕ curiosity for local artisanal products and for new food experiences.Ó A unique package brought French-style yogurts to Bay Area farmerÕs markets with a small batch approach to yogurt making, which was well received by the local audience. Ten years later and they are still using the small batch techniques, but supplying to a much larger audience nationwide.