Sage Bakehouse

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1905 Laguna St., San Francisco, California , 94115
1905 Laguna St., San Francisco, California , 94115 San Francisco California 94115 US

Sage Bakehouse is named after the small rural area in Southern California where their family farm was located. Growing up on a farm, they learned the value of growing high quality food, and Sage Bakehouse is commited to supporting local farms and farmers markets to make our traditional Kiwi pies with an American twist.

They start with the freshest ingredients the Bay Area has to offer to make a hearty, delicious filling wrapped up in buttery, flaky goodness, aka, their top secret pastry crust. The crust has to be just right; strong enough to hold up to our hearty filling without getting soggy, but flaky and tender enough to get that ‘aw yeah’, or as the Kiwi’s would say ‘sweet as’, moment.