Rossotti Ranch / Point Reyes Preserves

Rossotti Ranch / Point Reyes Preserves2017-03-22T09:13:21-08:00
800 Carmody Rd, Petaluma, California , 94952
800 Carmody Rd, Petaluma, California , 94952 Petaluma California 94952 US
Sunday San Rafael
Type of food/product

Grass-Fed Meat Goats And Pasture Raised Veal.


Rossotti Ranch is owned by Julie and Tony, both coming from devoted agricultural families. Julie is a fourth generation rancher and Tony a fifth, they have been raising livestock since they could walk. They both have firsthand knowledge of the commitment it takes to be a successful livestock producer. About 4 years ago they wanted to diversify, and developed an interest in the production of African Boer Meat Goats. This interest quickly became their new found passion complimented by the mission of producing good, healty food for local communities.