7800 Edgewater Dr., Oakland, California , 94621
7800 Edgewater Dr., Oakland, California , 94621 Oakland California 94621 US
Stonestown | Thursday San Rafael | Sunday San Rafael | Grandlake/Oakland
Type of food/product

Rotisseri Chicken, Pork Ribs, Porchetta, Potatoes.


Growing up in the Swiss Alps, son of a ‘Master Butcher’, Thomas understood early the importance of free range, family farm meats and the savory family rotisseri recipe. After Thomas earned his masters degree in organic farming from ETH, ZŸrich he traveled to the US to continue his education at UC Berkeley. He was captivated, instead, by the local, gourmet food scene developing in Berkeley. The wood fired ovens of Chez Panisse and the lively FarmersÕ Markets resonated with him. Yet he soon realized that freshly cooked, healthy street food was hard to come by in the US. Meanwhile the rotisserie dinners Thomas prepared for friends were so wildly popular that he was inspired to fill this particular niche, by taking his family recipes on the road Ð indeed, to the streets.