Rodriguez Bros. Ranch LLC

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13 Tarpey Rd, Royal Oaks, California , 95076
13 Tarpey Rd, Royal Oaks, California , 95076 Prunedale California 95076 US
Stonestown | Clement St | Grandlake/Oakland | Newark
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The Rodr’guez Brothers are immigrants from a small town in the state of Michoac‡n, Central MŽxico. Since an early age, they have been working in the fields amd their grandfather taught them about the hard work of farming. In the early 90Õs, the Rodriguez family immigrated to the United States as strawberry pickers in Watsonville, California. Later, the oldest brother of the family planted his own strawberry field, inviting the rest of the family to work with him. Over the next 10 years, the two younger Rodr’guez’ worked for their oldest brother; however, in 2002 Manuel and Roberto ventured out on their own to start another strawberry farm.