Red Whale Coffee

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169 Paul Dr., San Rafael, California , 94903
169 Paul Dr., San Rafael, California , 94903 San Rafael California 94903 US

The Red Whale Coffee journey began with California native, Sean Boyd, in 2003. As a chef in New Brunswick, Canada, Sean wanted to offer quality coffee to his customers, a positive final impression as they walked out his restaurantÕs door. Unsatisfied with the coffee available, he began cooking his own coffee.

Sean was determined to offer coffee that would compliment his menu and offer his customers an experience that would make them say,ÒWOW, thatÕs the best cup of coffee IÕve ever had!Ó Red Whale Coffee became an underground favorite in Canada and Sean’s little side project soon became a full time operation.

In 2012, Sean was homesick for California and his family so he moved home to focus on sourcing, cooking and selling the highest quality and best roasted coffee beans around. Red Whale Coffee moved to beautiful Marin County.

The journey continues because Red Whale is not just about really great coffee, itÕs about SeanÕs determination to offer quality products and positive experiences for everyone along the way. More than anything else, Red Whale is about creating better communities by offering experiences and opportunities. This is accomplished in little and big ways, everyday.