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77 Solano Sq. #113, Benicia, California , 94510
77 Solano Sq. #113, Benicia, California , 94510 Benicia California 94510 US

Robin grew up in the Bay Area, going for hikes with her family in Marin County and the Point Reyes National Seashore. She comes from a family of artists and the natural world has always been a source of creative inspiration. She studied design and art at UC Davis, in part because of these interests. Robin got into mushroom foraging after relocating back to the Bay Area and settling in Berkeley. She had the good fortune of having a job near her home so she had time in the mornings to head in to the Berkeley hills and look for mushrooms before work. At first this was a culinary interest, then later it was medicinal, but now mainly it’s an excuse to go for a walk in the rain.