Key Tea

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PO Box 132, San Geronimo, California , 94963
PO Box 132, San Geronimo, California , 94963 San Geronimo California 94963 US

This is Key Tea, the key to the path of local herbs, the musical key calling forth a tone of coming back to the earth, coming to the abundance in the garden next door, in the farm up the street, in the life of plants, close plants, Bay Area plants, plants that live and breathe, and feel the same air as us, who defend themselves against the same diseases, the same conditions, who help us thrive, and whose species is blessed by our acceptance, our not looking across oceans for leaves, or across continents for roots. Our roots are here in the Bay Area, in this chilly, bright climate, in these clay and sand soils. We help farmers with this tea, we help our health with every sip, we live our connection with every cup.