Hands Full Farm

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PO Box 447, Valley Ford, California , 94972
PO Box 447, Valley Ford, California , 94972 Valley Ford California US
Thursday San Rafael
Type of food/product

Chicken Eggs, Turkeys


Hands Full Farm is a fifth-generation family ranch in beautiful Valley Ford, California. We are proud to provide chicken eggs and turkeys raised by hand on pasture. They believe in totally old-fashioned, non-industrial methods of farming. No synthetic chemicals, growth hormones, steroids or antibiotics are used on the birds. All the fertilizer used comes from the animals they raise. The birds live in mobile houses (recycled trailers!) out in the pastures, with all the grass, bugs and sunshine they could want. Their houses provide them shelter from the predators and a good place to lay their eggs. The chickens have lay every color egg possible, making all the egg dozens unique. The sizes are Extra Large, Large, Medium, and Pullet (from our young chickens).