Fiddler's Green Farm

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18265 County Rd 70, Brooks, California , 95606
18265 County Rd 70, Brooks, California , 95606 Brooks California 95606 US
Thursday San Rafael | Sunday San Rafael
Type of food/product

Organic Vegetables


Jim Eldon and Julie Rose, owners of Fiddler’s Green Farm, have been farming on over 30 acres of land for the past 17 years. Their farm, in the heart of the Capay Valley region, is home to a plenitude of savory vegetables. Their business has stood the test of several decades. Customers abound for quality goods crafted with care and delivered consistently. As the world moves towards a better understanding of just what makes a ‘green’ fit to endure the test of time, we are confident that the joy of producing food in harmony with nature and organic practices will be the way of (and to) the future.