Crique du Ferments

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9821 Dawn Way, Windsor, California , 95492
9821 Dawn Way, Windsor, California , 95492 Windsor California 95492 US

“We are two brothers committed to creating seasonally fresh ferments with highly medicinal qualities, sourced from the best quality local produce, and using only the purest water from Bio Cera Water Company. We believe that a healthy stomach is a happy stomach and healthy foods can taste better than junk foods. We are in the business of food preparation, not food manufacturing. We are a goal-zero company striving for zero waste. We Shaun and Kevin Pestell grew up in the town of Windosr, CA, and are 26 and 21 years of age.

Shaun has an outstanding culinary history with a decade of “culture” experience. Shaun has taken the meaning of food to the next level, procuring fusion dishes from a variety of ethnic backgrounds with fresh ferments; dishes that a restaurant could only dream of serving. His secret: “fresh ingredients from local farms that do not spray their fields but have developed natural ecosystems over years of healthy farming practices. The soil is well populated by microorganisms that act as natural herbicides, insecticides, and any form of “biocides”. If you don’t know where your food is from, don’t eat it” -Shaun Pestell.

Kevin is working on his Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science and Sustainability at Sierra Nevada College in Incline Village, Lake Tahoe. He is minoring in business and will be graduating in the spring of 2016. Kevin has been studying the environment and human’s effects on the earth’s systems for almost a decade. He is passionate about creating a sustainable business and a sustainable business model so others can help to relieve stress on the environment. The business began in the wake of Kevin’s recent rockclimbing accident, a near death experience, which he now calls the greatest blessing of his life.”