Achadinha Cheese Co.

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750 Chileno Valley Rd., Petaluma, California , 94952
750 Chileno Valley Rd., Petaluma, California , 94952 Petaluma California 94952 US
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The Achadinha (Osh-a-deen-a) Cheese Company is a family run adventure with Jim and Donna Pacheco leading the way. Jim is a third generation dairyman and cheesemaker. With the help of their 4 children and a team of enthusiastic cheese lovers they carry on a family tradition that began in the 1950’s with Jim’s parents. Stories abound about how cheese was made in the old country (Portugal) and although some things have changed the rich complex flavors found in superior artisanal cheese remain.
In 1997, Jim and Donna sold their cows and bought dairy goats, which they now they have over 1500 goats that roam freely. The “girls”, as the goats are called, are able to graze pasture all year long on 290 acres. Their diet is supplemented with alfalfa and brewer’s grain from the local breweries which gives the cheeses their distinct flavor. Along with the goats, Jim and Donna also have jersey cows, beef cows, horses, pigs, sheep, and chickens.