Jonathan Ruiz

Market Manager - Grand Lake / Operations

Born in San Francisco, Jonathan spent his early years living in the middle of the Bay on Treasure Island when it was still a military base. Just before the military base was decommissioned, his family moved to Sasebo, Japan, where he spent 11 years growing up on a U.S. Navy base. When he wasn’t in school he spent his time learning music, wandering the agrarian valleys and rocky coastlines, and taking in the rich, regional cuisine of the Nagasaki prefecture. Southern Japan’s mountainous terrain and pronounced seasons fueled his love for the outdoors and his passion for travel. He returned to the Bay Area in 2005 and has spent the last couple of years playing drums while traveling with bands, backpacking the Sierras, and obtaining his BA in Geography from San Francisco State University. Jonathan was asked to join AIM’s roster when he was working as a tofu vendor at our Stonestown market in San Francisco. He made such an impression that the manager, Katy Chapman, asked him to be her assistant! He now lives in Oakland and is part of AIM’s management team.


  • 415-472-6100 x 119