Monica Rocchino

At-Large Board Member

Monica Rocchino is the co-owner and operator of The Local Butcher shop, a Berkeley-based butcher shop that sources all of their products within 150 miles and services the local community with 100% pastured, grass fed and finished meat and sustainably raised poultry. Monica is also a talented event producer; she previously worked at Paula LeDuc Fine Catering, where she honed her skills as an event planner and started to understand the Bay Area food world. In 2003, she started her own company planning events for Americans in Italy and the Bay Area (weddings, birthday parties and other private events), and then returned to Paula LeDuc Fine Catering in Sales prior to opening the butcher shop with her husband. She is motivated to join AIM’s Board of Directors to bring her skill sets – an understanding of meat production, the agricultural landscape and challenges in the Bay Area and a high level of expertise in event planning, atmosphere design and community building. She is looking for an opportunity to apply her strategic and design thinking skills to AIM. Monica previously was a vendor at the Tuesday Berkeley Farmer’s market, and she and her family are loyal shoppers for personal shopping at the Sunday Marin Farmers market. Previously, she was a consumer at the Grand Lake Farmers Market for eight years while living in Oakland. Monica earned her Bachelors degree from Brown University.