Cameron “Cam” Crisman

Farmer/Producer Board Member

Cam is partner of Petit Teton Farm, a small family farm in Mendocino County growing a wide range of fruits and vegetables which are preserved in their commercial kitchen. They also raise chickens, pigeons, pigs, rabbits and cows for meat and eggs. Farmer’s markets account for at least half of Petit Teton’s annual revenue at this time, thus they are very important to the business model for their farm. They are market participants at AIM’s Clement St. Farmers Market, since the market first opened, and the seasonal market in Mendocino. Cam brings 10 years of diversified, small farming experience, including everything from hand digging the rows for raising crops, to the marketing, sales, transportation, design, implementation and strategic buildout of their small business.

Cam is from San Francisco and has been involved in philanthropy with a focus on agriculture for almost a decade.  His family formed a private foundation called “Petit Teton Foundation” in 2011 whose mission is “to support Northern California nonprofits with an emphasis on education, particularly relating to agriculture, and on land preservation” ever since.  Cam is also a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and actively manages some investment accounts.  He also serves as President of the Bay Area Financial Education Foundation (BAFEF), helping execute the Foundation’s mission of promoting financial literacy and economic education in the Bay Area for the past 9 years.

Cam is interested in improving the food system in this country and he believes it starts at a local level in each of our communities. He believes AIM plays an important role in connecting shoppers with the source of their food.