Plucky Mole Roasted Chicken

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Much has been written on the perfect roasted chicken, but I do believe this one comes very close: moist, deeply savory meat with crisp, salty skin, with almost no effort at all. The key is finding prepared mole at your local Mexican grocer; all of the ones I frequent sell tubs of dark brown, thick, [...]

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Pomegranate Relish

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This recipe came from our 2011 Local Thanksgiving Dinner Challenge. Betsy Threadgill shared this recipe with AIM staff in her winning entry. It is a great substitute for cranberry sauce for those Holiday meals(California does not produce cranberries). Ingredients seeds of 1-2 pomegranates 1-2 Tablespoons orange zest, adjust for taste 1-2 Tablespoons orange juice, about [...]

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Orange-Yogurt Pancakes

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At our February 1st Eat Local 101 Booth Eric Gower shared this recipe with our customers. The Greek yogurt makes these orange-infused pancakes super fluffy and tangy—does breakfast get any better? Try them with warm maple syrup, ginger syrup, or jaggery syrup, and boatloads of berries (blueberries are especially nice) on top. Makes 4 medium [...]

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Fennelled Greens and Oranges

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The crunch of the raw fennel, combined with the toothy goodness of the greens that have been infused with fruity olive oil and freshly ground fennel seeds and then tarted up with orange zest and juice, will bring you back to this dish again and again. In this version I use collards greens, which I [...]

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