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HAPPY ACRE FARM | SUNOL – Happy Acre Farm is truly a hidden gem in the Tri-Valley – sustainable farming, with beautiful organic produce, thoughtfully harvested and marketed. Helena & Matthew Sylvester (wife and husband team) are first-generation farmers and first became interested in food through watching food documentaries and becoming more conscious about what we they were eating. Both being born from Oakland, there are strong ties in the community and landed on a small 3.5 acre farm in Alameda County.

Happy Acre Farm is Certified organic by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) since 2014. The duo is committed to good soil health and sustainable practices. They are working towards lower impact farming, and efficient small acreage production. They are friends of the bees, frogs, toads, lady bugs and other farm creatures and plant hedge rows and pollinator rows to keep them happy. They strive to give plants and best possible growing environment, so they can thrive and they can provide you with delicious produce.

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