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GOSPEL FLAT FARM | BOLINAS – Gospel Flat Farm is named for its location on the Pine Gulch Creek Delta in Bolinas, the former location of four churches. Started in 1982 by Don Murch and Sarah Hake, today Gospel Flat Farm is an important part of the local community. Together with their family they operate a vegetable farm, raise chickens, and maintain a 24-hour self-serve farm stand. The Gospel Flat Farm Stand makes it possible for this farm to sell the freshest possible produce and eggs directly to consumers, providing both a service to the community and making small-scale sustainable agriculture financially viable. Gospel Flat Farm has also created innovative spaces for mobile kitchen workshops, and art shows, illustrating this farm’s dedication to making positive contributions to the surrounding community.

Don and Sarah’s son, Mickey Murch, leads school groups at the farm. A graduate of Reed College, Mickey returned to Bolinas to work the family farm because he realized the unique value of participating in farm life. He leads students through the process of growing vegetables at a diversified farm where the farmer must consider all nutrient inputs and outputs in order to maintain a sustainable operation. Lessons include explanations of his inventions that assist him in the process of planting, like his homemade vacuum seeder and moveable chicken coops. Students gain an over-all understanding of how chickens provide nutrients to the soil, while growing vegetables that we eat remove these nutrients from the soil, requiring the farmer to carefully tend to the health of the soil. Students also receive lessons linking the farm to economics with a tour of the Farm Stand.

The Murch Family is dedicated to growing the local food network, and at Gospel Flat Farm they provide hands-on education for students and community groups interested in understanding how food grows.

Tours are from 10am-12pm including lunch. An additional self-guided lagoon walk starting from Gospel Flats Farm is available. The nature walk can be 30-6o minutes long.

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