Dolcini Red Hill Ranch

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DOLCINI RED HILL RANCH | PETALUMA – Arnold Dolcini, Sr. started a dairy in Marin in 1918, and the family has had an agricultural operation there ever since. In 1973, the ranch was inherited by seven Dolcini siblings who are the children of Arnold, Jr. and his wife Betty, both deceased.

A Jersey dairy until 2000, the ranch now supports a diversified operation. Doug Dolcini raise beef cattle, and his daughter, Annie, operates “Dolcini Ranching” which sells grass fed beef. Doug’s sister, Kitty Dolcini, raises pastured eggs and runs a farm stand on the ranch. Additional land is leased to organic fruit and vegetable growers like County Line Harvest, La Tercera and Moon Fox Farm.

Kitty Dolcini has a passion for Marin and keeping its agricultural land diversified with a range of family farms. She loves sharing her knowledge of chickens and egg production with students of all ages. She understands the importance of educating the youth about food systems and their part in the future of agriculture.

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