Market Tours & Group Visits

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Calling all teachers & groups of curious eaters! Touring an AIM farmers market is sure to be a fresh experience for your students. You’ll meet farmers and learn where they farm, how they grow their crops, why they chose to farm and what’s in season. You’ll get to know local artisans, bakers, food purveyors and an AIM market manager. We believe that a day at the farmers market will get your students excited about making healthy food choices by building a sense of connection to the people who grow their food. AIM also offers the FARM FIELD STUDIES PROGRAM which brings children and young adults from around the Bay Area to local farms.

AIM offers a variety of educational tours at the Thursday Marin Farmers Market. Choose to take a tour with an AIM market manager or participate in a self-guided farmers market treasure hunt. Tours are available from 9am-noon. We have two tour options:

1. Guided Tour

An AIM Guided Tour makes for a perfect field trip experience. The guided tour option begins with a brief overview of the history of farmers’ markets. Students will get to meet the market manager and learn a little about the day-to-day responsibilities of the manager.

Upon completion of the introduction, the market tour begins. During the market tour students will:

  • Meet a few farmers and learn what it’s like to be a farmer, how and where they grow crops, where they come from, seasonality of crops, and what a typical day in their life on the farm is like.
  • Meet a food purveyor and learn from a baker what it is like to make their own bread and then sell it at the market
  • Meet an artisan and learn about their craft, how they make and market their art, and what it is like to be a vendor at a farmers market.

2. Self-guided Tour/Activity

The Self-Guided Tour option begins with a brief overview of the history of farmers’ markets. Students will get to meet the market manager and learn a little about the day-to-day responsibilities of the manager.

Upon completion of the introduction, students will be given an activity sheet to use while they visit the market. Each activity is specially designed for that market day and grade level. The activity will help students learn about the seasonality of food, the diversity of fruits and vegetables that grow in California, and how and where food grows.

Tours for All Ages

Our market tours are by no means limited to school children. We have given tours to Chambers of Commerce, Rotary Clubs, Bioneers Conference attendees, and more. Tours are also available at any of our other seven markets – pending our market managers’ schedules. Please fill out a Tour Request form and contact Tyler Thayer to discuss how we can best accommodate your group.

Contact Tyler Thayer
(415) 472-6100 x114
[email protected]

Tour Request Form

Please fill out our Farmers Market Tour Request form to let us know the school name, teacher’s name, grade level, size of class, date and best time you would like come to our farmers market. Please make your request at least 4-6 weeks in advance. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Download Farmers Market Tour Request Form

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