Don’t Wait Another Minute to Support AIM

We are thrilled by the more than 1 million people who supported local farmers and food purveyors in 2018, by shopping at one of AIM’s seven Bay Area farmers markets. But did you know, there is more you can do to help AIM support local farmers and sustainable food production?

At the heart of AIM’s mission, we strive to cultivate a community of mindful, educated eaters who know the farmer that grows their food and the fisher who makes a sustainable catch. AIM is dedicated to supporting local food producers who steward the land and small food businesses who nourish us. By giving to AIM, you help ensure the future livelihoods of California farmers and food purveyors and help to preserve the future of AIM’s experiential learning opportunities, food access programs, and quality farmers markets.

We are so grateful for the many farmers, ranchers, fishers, food purveyors, and artisans (over 350!) who sell directly to shoppers and eaters, delivering the freshest, most nutritious foods and products to people across the Bay Area at AIM’s 7 year-round farmers markets!

“Each week, we hear stories about the freshness of our produce—that it lasts longer than produce from the grocery store. As soon as you harvest something, it starts to lose nutrients. But at the farmers market, you’re eating food within 48 hours of being harvested. You can’t get much better than that!” -Matthew Silvester, farmer from Happy Acre Farm

AIM markets are a staple in the local food economy, as a place where community members can come together, connect and build lasting relationships with the people that produce their food.

“I love the farmers market. It’s a great place for us to introduce people to our products and sell directly to customers year-round. It also makes us feel so good to receive positive feedback — when someone comes back week after week to tell you how good the spinach was or it might be the ugliest sweet potatoes I have ever seen but they’re the tastiest!” -Matthew Silvester, farmer from Happy Acre Farm

At the end of the day, AIM farmers markets and other local food initiatives reveal the great power of providing for one another in a way that is sustainable, socially responsible… and simply delicious! Our ongoing efforts are made possible by people like you who value local food.

We aim to raise $5000 during this 2018 End-of-the-Year Giving Campaign, which will enable AIM to teach more youth about local farms and farmers markets, connect more older adults with fresh produce, and improve our farmers markets to reach more eaters.

Your year-end donation will be matched dollar for dollar, up to $2,500, thanks to the generosity of a dedicated supporter of AIM’s mission, who wishes to remain anonymous.

For every dollar you give in the next two weeks, your gift will be doubled! Click here to donate today.


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