Featured Donor: Petit Teton Foundation

Cameron A. Crisman, CFA, farmer and family member of a unique family foundation: Petit Teton, was interviewed for this feature article highlighting one of AIM’s donors. He serves as CFO/CIO.

AIM is grateful to be supported by Petit Teton Foundation, a small family foundation whose mission is to support Northern California nonprofits with an emphasis on education, particularly related to agriculture, and on land preservation. Petit Teton Foundation has been a supporter of AIM’s educational programs through a general support grant and has contributed to the permanent Marin Farmers Market and Center for Food and Agriculture project. Believing in AIM’s mission to unite farmers and communities and aligning with its sense of integrity and commitment to high quality farmers’ markets, Petit Teton is a champion of AIM. Petit Teton has a unique history and is informed by its own involvement in the farming community through their family business, Petit Teton Farm.

Cameron brings a unique perspective to the philanthropic world. As a former member of a wealth management team working on Wall Street, turned farmer and foundation manager, Cameron utilizes his finance expertise to enhance his foundation’s work and to offer support to their non-profit partners where needed.

When his family began the foundation in 2011, “Cam” was eager to leave the world of big finance and use his skills and experience to benefit causes in which he believes. He finds growing food and investing in non-profits that align with his foundation’s mission to be very gratifying. Petit Teton uses its own scoring system to evaluate potential grant recipients. They believe that skilled organizational leadership is key to ensuring its investments make a difference, and to that end they monitor the impact of their partners.

Agricultural Institute of Marin thanks Petit Teton and our many foundation, government, individual and corporate partners for supporting AIM.

Pictured from the left: Wynne Crisman, Steve Krieg, Nicolette Ausschnitt and Cameron Crisman

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