Farmers Markets Reduce the Ecological Footprint of our Food

Buying directly from local farmers means minimal to no packaging, far less transportation/fossil fuel use, and minimal energy used to process the food. Farmers markets create a space where the focus of food is on quality and farming practices rather than price alone. On Saturday, September 15, AIM’s CEO Andy Naja-Riese and Marketing Director Shayla Moran will be participating in the Climate Action Showcase at the College of Marin, an affiliate event of the Global Climate Action Summit. In this post, we describe some of the ways that farmers markets help to support sustainability and a greener environment. However, we still have more work to do and are looking for community recommendations and suggestions on how to make our markets “Greener” and reduce waste. We welcome your feedback at [email protected]. Click HERE to see how Farmers Markets help reduce the ecological footprint of our food.

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