About Dine Out Week

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When is Dine out Farmers Market Week?

August 4-10, 2019

What is Dine out Farmers Market Week?

Dine Out Farmers Market Week features local restaurants that highlight the bounty from the Bay Area and California farms by using fresh and seasonal ingredients. Over the past decade, Bay Area chefs have redefined what “fresh” means when it comes to cooking ingredients. Freshness means the time since a product was harvested, where and how it was grown and how far the ingredients have traveled. Chef’s share their passion of using high-quality ingredients by supporting local agriculture, purchasing directly from the farmer. In addition to produce, the farmers market also offers products from local ranches, dairies, and poultry farmers, offering fresh, humanely raised meats, cheeses, milk and eggs. During Dine Out Farmers Market Week, selected Bay Area restaurants will feature a farmers-market inspired menu or a featured menu item highlighting local ingredients.

How will I know what day and time of the week participating restaurants are hosting?

Please click here to view the schedule

What restaurants are participating?

Anaviv’s Table
Farmer’s Wife
Marche aux Fleurs
Osteria Divino
Petaluma Pie Company
Mission Pie
Daily Driver
Sand Dollar
Rich Table
Dillon Beach Coastal Kitchen

Why should I eat out during Dine Out Farmers Market Week?

Proceeds from the hosting restaurants support AIM’s Diggin’ Education Programs where we inspire and educate the next generation about healthy eating and sustainable agricultural at the market, in the classroom, and on the farm. Additionally, proceeds will support AIM’s new “Help-A-Farmer” fund providing financial support to farmers and ranchers who must miss a market due to inclement weather, illness or emergencies.

I still have additional questions, who should I contact?

If you still have questions, please send an email to [email protected]